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folklore and history

turf cutting and gathering

Sites of interest in the district ranging from the neolithic to the 20th century.  The area has been inhabited over many centuries so there is evidence of several quite early remains of settlements.

Historical notes and some folklore and stories concerning life as it was in the past. Some of the tales and customs are specific to the area though others would be familiar in most of rural Ireland in the past. Memory lane starts here……

Much turf cutting was evident in the past to provide the fuel for the hearth. In the present day there’s little done on the Clogher bog although it’s by no means ceased altogether in the district. We have some pictures of how it was done both past and present, by hand and with machinery.

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natural history

An insight into the flora and fauna of the bogland and countryside on the Clogher Loop Walk. Many of the plants and animals here can be found in the district, depending on the season. Many more species may be found - the listing here cannot cover everything, it only gives an indication of the diversity that may be expected.

Information in these pages about the plant and wildlife species is mainly obtained from the following sources:

the main sources for information on trees

the main sources for information on insects

Our staff and guides working for the Clogher Heritage project have hunted down a great deal of information relating to all aspects of the nature, archaeology and history of the district. Many writings and photographs have been gathered. Much of that information is available to view on these pages, which are being added to as more material is forthcoming. Take time for a “virtual stroll” and see for yourself. Better still, make a visit and partake in a walk to see for yourself.

Sights and stories related to the heritage of the area

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Clogher Heritage Complex - Newtown, Clogher, Claremorris, Co Mayo

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