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“As it was told . . .”

There’s always a rich tradition of stories built up over time wherever you go in Ireland and the Clogher district  is no exception. In this part of the Clogher Heritage site we bring you some examples for information and even entertainment! As LP Hartley put it, "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there"

Examples here are references to:

  1. Traditional “treatments”, where the recommended remedy might often seem worse than the affliction.
  2. Superstition, which survived long after the coming of Christianity.
  3. Past lifestyle practises, supposedly superseded by “modernity”  

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Listed Townlands in the area

A table of townlands in the area, with names translated in Irish and English.
(Document in PDF format)  click on PDF document to download.


Old Beliefs
Old “Cures”

The ways of the people long ago
The Holy Well
The Dancing School
Joseph Blowick of Fortlawn House
The origins of  “Newtown”
Bygone Trades

Coiste Bodhar Wake
A Dog’s Ghost

History surrounding the Blacksmith
Shrove Tuesday (“Pancake” Tuesday)
St Patrick’s Day (Lá Fhéile Pádraig)
Ash Wednesday & Lent

About St Brigid’s Day
May Day in the west of Ireland
St John’s Night
St Martins Day
Halloween Traditions & Origins
Christmas Traditions
Christmas shopping
The origins of  Donamona Castle
Strange happenings at Clogher House

The Big Wind

Blessed Well Walk

Clogher Heritage Complex - Newtown, Clogher, Claremorris, Co Mayo

The Heritage  Cottage

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